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3 Innovative Methods to Use Live Video in Social Media Marketing

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More and more people and businesses get benefits from using live video in social media marketing to find potential clients and get more viewers.

It is apparent that live video becomes more and more popular in social media site. Nowadays many people have embraced this new method of communicating with their families, friends, colleagues, etc. It is cheaper to start with. Just a device and a good choice of social media application will help you achieve this. Live video plays an important role in helping you stand out.
Below are three innovative methods to use live video in social media marketing.

1. Showing your products to viewers by broadcasting live video

The aim of your live video is to tell your audience about your products and brands. By watching the video, they can know the features of your products. For retailers, a live video can also help you to introduce the products and explain the details to your potential customers. Besides, your audience can also get a general understanding of your products and they will ask more specific questions if they get really interested in your products.
The amazing part of your demos should be that it helps you to communicate with your potential customers.
2. Create Good Feeling Each Day

If you are running your store, then you can play a live video to create happy atmosphere. This will also attract some potential clients for what they can find in your store and what kinds of products are available. Besides, by broadcasting your live video, your audience could also place orders in the comments. You can also promote your products and introduce some discounts. That is to say, your viewers can come to your store, choose one at discount, and get paid immediately. It is a great idea, isn’t it?
3. Turn Your Working Places into Showrooms

If you are running a restaurant, you can introduce your employees on your Facebook.
You can also give them their own Twitter feeds to make them feel like stars. In this way, more and more people will know your waitress, chefs, etc. In addition, it is also a good way for them to have a rest and make their own entertainment. They will also impress the customers and made your restaurant famous. The wonderful experience will also bring them here again.

Apparently, the benefits of live video will bring more customers to your place and the techniques are easy to grasp.

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